Party services

Game organizer 1300aed/2 hours

Balloon bending 550aed/2 hours
Face painting 550aed/2 hours

Popcorn (with attendant, 60 portions) 850aed/2hours
Cotton candy (with attendant, 60 portions) 850aed/2hours
Cupcake decorating 55aed/child

Magic show 1100aed/20 minutes
Bubble show 950aed/20 minutes

Activity stations with 1 attendant (minimum of 10 children)
Bracelet making 35aed/child
Fridge magnets 35aed/child
Tote bag painting 55aed/child
Small pot painting:
55aed/child (without flower)
75aed/child (with flower)

There is an additional drive out fee of 500aed (within Dubai city limits) for activities under 3000aed.